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Look The Best On The Course This Summer

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Look The Best On The Course This Summer


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Summer Style Tips

Summer is here! That means the long sleeves get put away and bold outfits are all the rave.

The old saying “Look good, play good” comes in handy for golf.

So here is a summer style guide on how to look the best at your golf course this summer.

    1. Hats:
      • The options for hats are endless. But there are two huge rules of thumb when it comes to your hat, if you want to win best dressed at your course. First, it has to match your belt or shoes, or both. Second, it has to look clean. If you have a great outfit on, with a sweat stained hat to top it off, you lost.
        Rory Mcllroy matches his hat, belts and shoes on Tour
    2. Polos:
      • Bold patterns, stripes, colored collars and edgy designs are in right now. Whether its a navy blue striped polo with a Carolina blue collar or a shirt covered in bright flowers with a pink collar. The days of wearing a red Nike polo and pretending to be Tiger Woods is over. You have to be bold, especially with the influence of Travis Mathew and LinkSoul, in todays golf fashion world.
        Rickie Fowler sports bold and bright colors on Tour
    3. Shorts:
      • The easy way out is to go with khaki colored golf shorts because they match everything. But it’s plain, boring and wont turn many heads. If you are wearing a polo with stripes, wear shorts the color of the stripes, they will accent your shirt. Or if they shirt is a pattern, wear shorts one of those colors. It will make the whole outfit pop.
        Match your striped polo shirts with your shorts
    4. Belts:
      • There are two ways to go with belts: Leather or fabric. Leather is pretty hard to mess up, unless you have leather oxford style golf shoes, but fabric belts can be a tad trickier. You want to usually match it with your shoes or hat to tie it all in. A belt is a very small piece of an outfit, but it can make or break it.
        Jordan Spieth rocks Under Armour
    5. Shoes:
      • This is usually the easiest part of the outfit because everything else is based on it. So as long as they are nice and polished, rock whatever golf shoes your little heart desires.
        PUMA High Top Golf Shoes

Looking good on the golf course isn’t just for the pros, us everyday joes can too.

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