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The latest jordan brand golf shoes

Recently one of the biggest names in the basketball shoe industry has been dabbling into the golf world.

Jordan brand, owned by Nike, has recently been releasing golf shoes, with a pretty hefty price tag.

Jordan makes their money through their “retro” shoes that Michael Jordan wore back in his playing days. They are the same as the sneaker, but they just add golf spikes on the bottom of them.

So far the company has released Jordan 6’s, 13’s, 9’s, 1’s and a non-retro base Jordan model. The shoes don’t come cheap either. The newest pair to hit the market retail priced at $200 dollars.


Air Jordan 13s

Some people don’t like this new trend, but there are two sides to every argument. 

On the one side you have people saying that Jordan is stepping into others people’s business. You don’t see Callaway making basketball shoes and trying to compete with them. They aren’t the “go-to” golf shoe for most people. Golf diehards would much prefer a FootJoy or Ecco shoe over the Jordan’s. 

They are also kind of over priced, like everything Jordan sells, but on the other hand, people love Jordan’s because they are fashionable and fun.

There is a big sneaker head population in the golf world. (Don’t worry ill explain that millennial word I just used.)

“Sneaker head” is someone who collects sneakers and keeps them to display and sometimes wear. Now, that makes it a little easier to understand.

Next you have to look at who owns Jordan Brand. Nike owns them and as we know Nike makes some great golf shoes. So to say Nike is developing and creating these Jordan spikes, it makes it easier to believe they are good quality and worth the money. 


Jordan Golf Sole

Lastly, this type of shoe attracts the younger “millennial” golfers.

We have pushed hard to make golf fun, fashionable and laid back. We have brought joggers, high top shoes and ever floral printed shirts to the golf course. Of course, we are going to bring in our favorite sneakers.

At the end of the day, I see nothing wrong with this. If they are actually selling and Jordan brand is making money, it is a win-win for the seller and the consumer.