Six Scenarios – When not to use your phone

In today’s day and age, our cell phones are our lifelines.

That goes for the golf course too.

But sometimes you have to put it away. Here are six scenarios where you should never be on your phone on the golf course.

  • First tee: Most likely you’re trying to figure out who the teams are and decide what game to play. Your partners could care less about your Facebook notifications, pay attention and steal your partner’s money.
  • On the green: Instead of checking your email, maybe read your putt. Maybe this is the cause of all your missed putts. Also, you’d hate to be the furthest ball, but you’re too interested in your phone so you don’t even recognize it’s your turn.
Golf Etiquette

Refrain from texting on the putting green

  • When you’re driving the cart: This kind of goes without saying, but it needs to be said. There are enough videos going around the internet of people driving carts into ponds, hazards and other people that this should be said. Don’t text and drive, even on the fairway.
Golf Etiquette

Don’t text while driving the golf cart

  • Taking phone calls: You should never take a call on the course unless it’s a life or death situation. Talking in someone’s backswing is bad enough etiquette, never mind if your talking to a coworker about work crap.
Golf Etiquette

Don’t take phone calls while on the course

  • When it is your shot: “Slow play is the biggest problem with golf”, okay then continue to play Candy Crush when it’s your shot. It won’t speed up play that much.
Golf Etiquette

Don’t read your text messages before your turn

  • Mid-conversation: Golf aside, it is rude to do this. Playing a round of golf with someone is a great way to connect and socialize with people in a setting you are both comfortable in. So don’t be that guy and whip out your phone mid conversation.

Unless you are using your phone for a golf GPS, a scorecard app or music. Put that thing in your bag. Focus on your golf game a little more and maybe you will see your scores start to go down.

You can play Clash of Clans after your round.