Walk the course To Get Exercise

Carts are very nice. You strap your bag on, throw your speaker on, throw the beers in the little basket and you’re off.

This summer, try walking a little more.

The yardages on the scorecard aren’t always accurate of how far you are going to walk. If you take into consideration all the balls you slice onto the opposite fairway, walking from green to tee box and walking around the green.


A study says the average golfer walks about 6.6 miles during a round of 18 holes.

No matter if you are carrying just a cell phone, or a bag of 14 golf clubs, balls and other junk.  A 6.6-mile walk is a workout.

So instead of feeling bad about skipping the gym on the weekends, just walk when you get to the course.

Walking has more perks than just fitness

Walking is also a little easier on the wallet. To rent a cart for 18 holes will run you sometimes almost $40 dollars. Walking isn’t all that bad, save that money for beers after the round at the 19th hole.


Walking may also help your game

The time it takes to walk up to a shot is a little longer then hoping in the cart and zooming up to your ball. Walking is a little more peaceful and you get to take your time. As you are walking up to your ball you are already thinking about your next shot.

You are thinking club selection and aiming point before you get up to the ball.

This creates a clearer mind when addressing the ball because with a cart you are hopping out really quick, finishing a beer and thinking about all that in 1-2 minutes, while you take practice swings.

Walking, in a sense, slows the game down mentally and lets you easily take your time and relax.

If there is a group behind you when you are in a cart you feel rushed and you have to play faster than comfortable. If you’re walking, you can only walk so fast, so you get to take a deep breath and hit the best shot possible.

Walking has more advantages than disadvantages.

So, ditch those cart fees and shed a few pounds this summer.