The Best Drinks to have during a round of golf

The weather is finally getting better and fantasizing over summer golf rounds is underway.

The fun part about golf in the summer is you can wear shorts, it is beautiful out, you can play late into the day and you can drink some ice cold alcoholic beverages while you’re at it.

But which ones are the best for your round?

Light beer: A nice cold light beer is always something nice to refresh yourself with. The nice thing about light beers is they are, most of the time, in cans so they are very easy to transport (or sneak in) at golf courses. They don’t pack much alcohol so if you are playing a game and trying not to lose money, a light beer is a good option to have a few casuals and get a nice little buzz at the same time. These are best during hot days when you can’t imagine drinking a heavy IPA.


Bud Light

IPA’s: Seems like everyone you meet these days are beer snobs. They only drink the local micro brew and think it is a crime to enjoy a Bud Light, or even a Sam Adams. But beer snobs are people too so we have to accept them and their picky drinking habits. These are the best during twilight rounds, maybe after dark, when the sun is down and it is a little cooler outside. It is going to be a long day if your playing partner is slugging back IPA’s when there is dew still on the ground.


Mixed drinks: A good morning screw driver or bloody mary never killed anyone. These are nice when you’re trying to just have a fun round with some buddies and kick back. The more of these you drink, your golf skills will slowly start to elude you, so I wouldn’t be drinking these at a tournament or if money was on the line.

Malt liquor: A personal favorite, nothing beats an ice cold Twisted Tea on a hot August afternoon. They taste amazing and you get the same alcohol as a beer. The flavor options for malt liquor are as wide as flavors of jelly beans. There is something for everyone’s taste buds and they are pretty easy to fit into your bag. These drinks may get you made fun of by the older members for being “Girly drinks”, but hey they taste good so I don’t care.


Twisted Tea

The honest truth is that alcohol and summer golf almost go hand in hand. Some love that, and some could care less. Make sure you are drinking the perfect drink for the occasion this season.