Four Reasons To work at a country club

When you’re in college, your main priority is money for…expenses, grades and golfing with some friends.

I stumbled upon two of those things a year ago when I started working at a country club.

Working at a golf course in college is the smartest thing a college kid can do for many reasons

1. Money

  • The the more hours you work, the more money you will make! Money is nice and it isn’t like bagging groceries; it’s enjoyable if you like the game of golf. Golf Course

2. Golf

  • Most courses let their employees play on certain days/times of the week. The nice thing about this is that you get to golf for free. Paying full price to play on a nice course will add up when you’re in college. Finding a course that is cheap can be a hit or miss because of the potential for bad course conditions. So if you can find a nice country club or private club to work at, you are golden.
    Golf Course

3. Networking

  • Golf is usually played by rich people, powerful people or people who know other people. Working at a golf course is a great way to network as a college kid. The best way to get a job out of college is to meet a lot of people, get internships and expand your knowledge. Meeting people within your industry at a golf course is a great way to do that. You already have golf in common, so if you’re in the same industry, that is another thing to build on.Golf Course

4. Perks

  • Most courses have demo clubs for their members. They can test the clubs and buy them if they like them. The perk for the employees, last years’ clubs. If you’re in the market for a new club or clubs, last years’ demo clubs will be your best friend. The clubs are used, but who really cares. You’re in college with bigger problems than a club with a few scratches on it. The demo clubs are also usually really cheap, so upgrade your bag for cheap.Golf Course

Working at a golf course, caddying or washing carts is a great job for any college golfer.

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