What’s The Difference?

If you’re like me, you love to buy new golf stuff, especially when it comes to shoes.

Golf shoes today give you a choice between spiked or spikeless golf shoes.

  • Spiked golf shoes feature actual cleats on the outsole, typically made of soft plastic.
  • Spikeless golf shoes feature a flat outsole with rubber studs or dimples in place of spikes.

Originally, the differences were fairly large. Over time, the gap has closed as each type grew similar in regards to traction and comfort.

While the choice is mostly based on personal preference, it is good to look at some of the differences when deciding for yourself.

Different colors and different styles are a must to look good on the course.

So for those looking for some new golf shoes, here are some of the key features of each type.


Golf Shoes

  • Traction: These shoes are your traditional looking golf shoes that have plastic claws on the bottom. Think of the golf courses and conditions you normally play in. If you’re on a hilly track that will provide awkward lies, and tough angles, spiked is the way to go. The spikes on the bottom will provide better stability than rubber nubs like on spikeless.
  • Course Condition: If you’re playing in the rain or on a soggy surface these will help you not slide when you are swinging as hard as humanly possible to get on in two, just to top the ball five yards.
  • Longevity: A sometimes overlooked advantage to spiked shoes is that when the spikes wear down, you can replace them. Provided the rest of the shoe is properly cared for, this can lead to the spiked shoes lasting longer.


Golf Shoes

The development of spikeless shoes have come very far in the past few years. Mainly because of their convenience. Now you can buy spikeless shoes that look like traditional golf shoes or casual sneakers and everything in between.

  • Versatility: Thanks to the lack of spikes, you can put them on at the house, get to the course and walk to the first tee or range and start your round. You can walk straight from the 18th green to the bar with no problems. Because they are “spikeless” the little rubber nubs don’t damage floors.
  • Comfort: Spikeless shoes offer more comfort, with their casual design and the lack of large spikes on the soles. Spikeless shoes also tended to be lighter, aiding in their comfort.
  • Balance: Since cleats on spiked golf shoes protrude from the outsole, golfers might notice a slightly elevated feel when walking and addressing the ball

Verdict – When picking between spiked or spikeless golf shoes, the best case involves having a pair of each and rotating depending on conditions and courses you’re playing.