Putting is so important to your golf game. Being able to sink putts with one to two strokes can help your score. The best way to start sinking your putts easily is to develop a pre-shot routine. If you don’t have one, then develop one! It’s a great way to improve your putting skills.

Use these tips during your pre-shot routine:

  • Imagine sinking the putt
  • Forget the hole
  • Aim the face down the line first
  • Key your eyes on the ball
  • Think about making solid contact

Try to visualize your ball dropping into the hole. Make sure you get a clear visual of the putting line you’ll need to sink the putt as well. Once you’re taken your address, forget about the hole. Instead, focus on a spot somewhere along the line you want the ball to roll over—a spot maybe a foot or so in front of the ball. Thinking about the hole can distract you when putting.

Next, aim your putterface down the line first and then set up over the ball. When you do it the other way around—set up to the ball first then aim your putterface—you often lose sight of the intended line.

Finally, just before stroking the ball, think only about making solid contact with the ball. This focuses your attention on the back of the ball and keeps your head still at impact.