The USGA recently made a revision to rule 14-3 that allows players to use DMD’s with a slope function, so long as the function is disabled during play. This rule became effective as of January 1st, of this year, with Bushnell jumping at the opportunity to create a technology legal for play, allowing for slope function to be turned on and off.

The Tour V4 Slope Technology provides players the most accurate compensated distance based on a hole’s incline/decline. It combines speed, accuracy, slope and JOLT. JOLT technology is a short vibrating pulses to give a tactile confirmation that the laser has locked onto the flag. The accuracy is proven to be within 1 yard and has a fast focus system with a 5x magnification.

The Tour V4 Slope is legal to play with as long as slope mode is disabled during play. The Tour V4 allows players to save time calculating the true distances of elevated hills or downhill targets. This is all achieved through just the simple touch of a button and compacted into a small and sleek unit that has an Ergonomic design with Stabi-Grip technology. Use this on the Dennis Golf courses and you are sure to keep your score low!