Every golfer knows that the key to having a great game and improving your stats is to have an impressive golf swing. No matter how long you have been playing, having a great swing is something that you can always improve upon by looking toward your mentors, practicing or getting some lessons. There are many ways that you can improve your swing, based on your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Check out some simple tips and tricks that you can apply to your swing to fix it and have more success on the course:
Enjoy constructive criticism. First thing is first, you must be willing to take and accept constructive criticism as you get it. By receiving this criticism, you are learning new ways in which you can improve. Without being open to taking constructive criticism, you will not see any changes.
Understand environmental factors. There are so many different factors that can affect your golf swing, so you must be aware of them in order to judge how your swing went. What is affecting your ball flight? Is it the swing path, the weather, the wind? Check out your surroundings based on the type of day and course you are on.
Note your swing patterns. As you are continuing to get more experience with your golf swing, bring a notebook to the course and note down any patterns that you notice between your good and bad shots. This will help you to analyze your swings overall and see what is positively or negatively affecting your success.
Pay attention to your aim, posture and grip. Each time you swing, make a note internally of where you are looking for the ball to go. If you do not prepare yourself mentally, this could affect your swing. Additionally, be sure to pay attention to your posture and grip, which can immensely impact the success you have on the course.