Dennis Highlands and Dennis Pines are open for play. Please note, due to the Commonwealth’s Guidelines for Golf Courses, there will be no early back 9 play for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Clubhouses are now open! All patrons who enter the clubhouse MUST wear a mask. Pro Shops are open for shopping!
Driving Ranges are now open from 6:30 am until 7 pm. Remember Pines range closes every Tuesday at 3:00 pm and Dennis Highlands closed every Wednesday at 3:00 pm to clean pick. Please plan accordingly.

Often, when you think of heading out for a fun day of golf, you likely have a group together, whether it is family, friends, co-workers or a potential group of new clients. Golfing in groups is very normal and is a great way to bond with others and enhance your game by learning from mentors. However, there are many different perks when it comes to spending a full day by yourself on the golf course. While golfing alone may not be as social as some may prefer, it is an awesome way to fully understand where you are at with your game, and how you can personally improve. Here are a few of the best perks when it comes to golfing solo:

  • You won’t feel rushed. When you are golfing in a group, you may not be able to redo a shot as much as you would like to, in order to get that perfect shot that you are aiming for. When you are golfing alone, you have much more time to kill and you have the wiggle room that you need for extra shots. Not to mention, you can correct your mistakes in real time!
  • You can take more risks. You may be hesitant to take risks on the course if you are golfing with others, but if you are golfing alone, you will feel more confident to try out some of the harder clubs that you have been holding off on. There is no better way to improve your skills than to try something that you have not in the past.
  • It is peaceful. Golfing by yourself is a great way to relax! It is extremely peaceful in that you do not have to worry about making conversation, and you can focus solely on your game and enjoy the environment around you.