It’s all about tempo and rhythm

When you are a high handicapper, hitting the ball far and high is something you dream about.

You watch hours of YouTube videos, Facebook videos and golf magazine tutorials.

No matter what you do with your takeaway, wrist angle and swing plane you still can’t seem to hit the ball any better.

Take a deep breath, I am here to help. It’s a lot simpler than all of that.

Most of the time we see guys pounding the ball 300+ with driver or hitting 7 irons onto the green from so high that the ball sticks like Velcro.

And the common theme with most of them is how hard they swing and how fast their club head speed is.

So, we try to emulate that. We swing out of our socks and lose our balance.

But it isn’t your downswing, it’s your backswing.

Your pace is pivotal when it comes to the golf swing.

A great rule of thumb to follow:

  • On your backswing count in your head 1-2-3…
  • On your down swing count 1…

That should be the ratio of speed from backswing to downswing.

Since changing this I have been hitting all my clubs so much better.

My irons are going so much higher and I am hitting a lot more greens in regulation. I used to hit pretty long iron shots that would explode off the green. I would always be annoyed, not knowing it was bad, to why my balls weren’t sticking.

Well duh, hit it higher and your ball will be falling from a higher elevation with less spin.

Next time you head to the driving range, instead of topping an entire large bucket, work on your pace and take your time.

You will be hitting the ball higher than ever.