Not many golfers are confident in their bunker play. It’s intimidating at first, but if you can get the hang of it you can easily chop a few strokes off your score. Unfortunately, weekend golfers almost never practice bunker shots. Most golf ranges don’t have practice bunkers. As a result, bunkers are usually the weakest part of the golfers game.

Make it a priority to find a way to practice, whether its taking a few golf lessons or practicing on the golf course, you’ll be able to get out of it with no difficulty.

Simplify Your Sand Strategy

It’s never a fun time when your ball lands in the bunker. But, when it does, don’t try to make it a perfect shot. In reality, unless your very experienced chipping out of the bunker, you’re not going to hit it a few inches from the pin. However, if you can get the ball onto the green in one shot, you will be able to save a stroke or two depending on your putting.

The Explosion Shot

The most effective way to get your ball out, whether your stuck in a low-lipped bunker or not, is by hitting your basic explosion shot.

Remember, to hit a good sand shot, you must use the club’s bounce effectively. The key is remembering that you want to hit the sand not the ball.

Below are the basics of the shot:

  • Position the ball near the middle of an open stance
  • Open the clubface and hover it above the ball
  • Swing the club back on a steep upright plane
  • Enter the sand two inches behind the ball
  • Maintain grip pressure in the left hand
  • Don’t allow the clubface to roll over at impact
  • Finish high with your weight on your left side

Don’t hurry a bunker shot — take your time, position yourself correctly and make sure not to touch your club on the sand. Then, take a short, steep swing. Practice bunker shots whenever you can because it can help your golf game and lower your handicap.