Thanks to millennials, golf may be on the upswing.

A big trend online in the past few months has been the hashtag #GoodForGolf.

A hashtag for you that are unaware is this “#” followed by a word. When you use that symbol you can search every tweet ever posted that has this hashtag.

This hashtag was coined by the Fore Play podcast guys over at Barstool Sports.

What exactly are they talking about?

Jordan Spieth winning is #GoodForGolf. Mainly because he is a young guy who actually has some personality that is likable. His “Go get that” moment at The Open was something my generation will talk about forever.

This week’s win by fellow Spring Break crew member Justin Thomas was #GoodForGolf. Whether it was Spieth slapping his butt after the win or the Michael Jordan shrug Thomas had after his crazy putt that sat on the lip finally fell.

Last years Ryder Cup was another great example. Patrick “Captain America” Reed was the kingpin of the #GoodForGolf movement in Hazeltine when he got the crowd pumped up like he just scored a game winning touchdown.

No matter what the occasion is, whether it is the Spring Break crew on vacation, John Daly winning or even Tiger Woods posting ridiculous pictures.

Golf seems to be making a comeback.

It has again become cool for college age kids to play and watch golf. Things like the play through challenge went viral.

If you never saw, it was videos of college kids golfing and what they would do is while their friend was swinging, they would “run them over” with the cart.

Hence play through challenge. It caught a lot of media attention.

No matter what happens, thanks to places like Barstool Sports and many others, golf may be on its way back.