Are Golf lessons worth it?

Golf lessons, some get them some don’t.

I am newer to the game of golf. I have played for about two years. However, I quickly started to get frustrated.

I was shooting lower and lower scores, and then I plateaued. I was consistently shooting in the low 90’s but could seem to break 90.

I had never had a lesson, so I figured I would see why my driver wouldn’t go straight.

Oh god. This lesson screwed me up.

Slow down, for a while.

Here is a life lesson.

Don’t panic

I think I was an example of practicing bad habit for too long. My grip was atrocious. And that really felt weird to change. Other than that it was small things like alignment and follow through. Anyways, the next day I go out, confident as ever and top every other ball and played absolutely terrible.

So I got frustrated and put my clubs in my trunk for a week. After that I got out and have been playing a lot more and it has paid off. My scores are down again and I am a few mental errors away from breaking 90.

Life lessons

  1. Be patient.

It will come. Breaking a habit takes a while. Baby steps to your new swing and new grip. You didn’t learn the old one over night.

  1. Get a lesson early.

I screwed up waiting two years. I should of got one before I had habits. You should get a lesson as early in your golf career as possible so you can develop the right habits.

Lessons are great. Getting your swing looked at by a pro is worth the money. Perfecting what he tells you and developing these new habits is key.