What is a fat shot?  It’s when the club strikes the ground before making contact with the ball. Fat shots cause a bunch of divots in the grass and it’s likely your ball isn’t going to go far or in the direction you want it to go. It can also add some serious strokes to your game, which is the last thing you want to happen! Here are some tips to fix this problem.

  1. Your Follow-Through

A good follow through will help you with distance and aim. Fat shots will prevent you from having a good follow through. You are likely to get better at hitting the ball with the sweet spot of your clubface if you give full attention to your follow through.

  1. Your Stance

Some golfers tend to put their weight on their back foot, but this can cause a lot of problems. Your weight should be more in front of you. Placing your weight on your leading foot will make your swing go through the ball rather than chipping it up.

  1. Watching the Ball

Try to look at the back of the ball, rather than the top. This is where you will be looking to make contact in order to swing through it. Keeping your head still will help you out on concentrating on where the contact will be made.

  1. Practice Your Swing
  • Steady swing

If there’s any deviation from your initial stance, you may find yourself either making fat or thin shots. Make sure you maintain a consistent height.

  • Keeping your head down

If you keep your head down, you will be able to really see where your club face is hitting the ball. Lifting your head up is a common mistake, but training yourself to keep your head down during your swing will make a huge difference when making contact with the ball.

  • Not bending your knees

A major cause of fat shots is the bending of the knees on the downswing. Work on keeping your knees steady so that the position you start off with is maintained throughout the entire swing.