There can be a lot of pressure on those who are just starting out on driving ranges. Whether it is pressure to live up to the expectation that you have put on yourself, or that others have put on you, or the pressure to fit in if you are not as up-to-speed on the game as the rest of your peers. When you are on a driving range, there are a few tips that are absolutely key to your success. And, the best part is, these tips are very easy to incorporate into your game, no matter what stage and level you are at. Here are a few things to keep in mind next time you are on the driving range, which is something you can take with you throughout all your games in years to come: 

  • Stretch. Before you begin at the driving range, make sure to incorporate stretches that will help to enhance your game. Stretching is key to making sure that your muscles are prepared. It is also important to stretch after you are finished so that your muscles can properly recover. 
  • Don’t rush through. You may feel a pressure to rush through your swing, especially if people waiting around you causes you to become nervous. Stay relaxed take your time. Rushing through your swing will not help you to achieve the results that you will be looking for.
  • Aim for specific targets. Practicing your aim is one of the keys to having a great shot. And, it is definitely something that you will need to continue to practice to perfect – nothing comes easy! Pick a target on the range and do your best to aim for it. If it does not work out the first few tries, keep going and stay resilient. It will make it even more rewarding when you are able to hit it on point!