Did you know that you can burn around 500 calories while golfing and walking around an 18 hole course, averaging out to be about 4 miles.  To make your journey around the green easier try using  push carts, the healthier alternative to a riding cart. The newest versions are no longer the drag behind, clunky style. Rather they have sleek new designs and innovative technology that enhances any day on the course. Here are some of the latest carts from some of our favorite brands.

Bag Boy

The Quad XL with larger tubing in the frame has lots of stability from the four large wheels and other upgrades from the previous Quad model.

Weight: 16 poundsbag-235x300

Folds to: 24x17x16

Price: $200

Handle mounted parking brake

Integrated beverage holder. Umbrella holder

big1-233x300Big Max

The Autofold+ model is very compact and quickly folds and unfolds using auto-fix technology. Frame is aluminum and there’s padded ergonomically shaped handle.

Weight: 16.75 pounds

Folds to: 23x15x17

Price: $190

Compact design with hand brake. Front wheel collapses automatically. Compatible with stand and cart bags

Sun Mountain

sunmoSun Mountain’s newest Speed Cart is the V1 Sport with several improvements while keeping the easy fold/unfold system and frame strength of previous designs.

Weight: 17.15 pounds

Folds to: 37x16x13

Price: $210

E-Z Latch system. Able to be folded with bag in place. Adjustable brackets hold bag without straps


clic-300x300As an update of their original popular push cart, the Model 3.5+ offers an improved brake system and a new set of straps for holding bag in place.

Weight: 18 pounds

Folds To: 13x15x24

Price: $220

Accommodates all bag sizes. Console for scorecard golf ball, pencil & tees. Built-in mounts for Clicgear accessories