it’s all about Golf Etiquette

Being a guest in all aspects of life come with some expectations.

That even includes when you are a guest at a private golf course.

Being lucky enough to get onto some of the best private courses around New England comes with some expectations.

Here are a few rules to follow when visiting a golf course.

  1. Remember how you got there: Remember how you are there. You are there because a friend or family member is a member and you are lucky enough to be their guest for the day. So your name is representing their name.
  2. Be polite: From the guys who grab your bag, the pro shop guys, the locker room attendant or even the beer cart girl, be polite. You got to remember that you are pretty lucky to even be there. Don’t be rude.
  3. Don’t be afraid to tip: The guys who grab your bag and clean your clubs are people too. Coming from a guy who does it as a part time job the tips are nice. Not only is it cool to tip someone, the people who you tip like you so much more. They will be that much politer to you and will go above and beyond cleaning your clubs.
  4. The course: If you are out there tearing up huge divots. Fix them. If you are making huge ball marks in the green. Fix them. Stay behind the signs and don’t abuse the course. This is not your local municipality course.
  5. After the round: Don’t get hammered in the restaurant. Even if you are a member you don’t want to be that guy. Not only do you look like an idiot, it can get expensive.

Playing new courses is always a blast. New greens, new layouts.

Don’t ruin your visit by being arrogant.