Want to take your game to the next level?

If you want to take your game to the next level, it’s time to learn how to hit longer drives. Longer drives = shorter approach shots. This also means that you will hit more greens in regulation. The first step in acquiring this mindset is to hit longer drives. Longer drives result in shorter approach shots. Shorter approach shots mean hitting more greens in regulation. That, in turn, increases your pars and birdies.

Below are four golf tips that can help you generate the kind of power you need to take your game to the next level:

1. Swing Speed— It’s important to have a solid swing speed if you want to hit it long off the tee. The faster your swing speed, the farther the ball goes. The secret to generating tremendous swing speed is in your turn. You need to turn as far as your body allows. That will be different for each player because each person’s flexibility is different. Some people are more flexible than others and can turn more.

2. Hip Turn — If you want to hit it long off the tee, learn to turn your hips faster. Here’s a great drill to help you do that: Grip your driver upside down, near the clubhead at the end of the shaft. The take practice swings. Try to make the whoosh sound that occurs when swinging come after the point of impact. If the whoosh sound occurs before impact, turn your hips faster.

3. Footwork — The way you position your feet is also important to hitting a longer drive. Try to push your toes off at impact and spin out your foot to maintain your hip turn. Both moves boost swing speed by creating more room for the club to whip through the swing. And both are proven to work, so give it a try.

4. Don’t Worry About Bad Drives — Remember that not every drive is going to be perfect and land in the fairway the way you want it to. Your accuracy will go down when trying to hit big drives. So reserve that effort for the times when the situation calls for it. Of course, even when you do go for it, there will be times when you miss with your drives. Shrug those misses off. You can still hit the green from the rough with a good shot. So stand a little closer to the ball and steepen your downswing—especially when hitting short irons.

These four golf tips will help you generate the power you need to hit longer drives and improve your handicap.