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The Worst Foods You Can Eat on the Course 

by dennisgolf for Blog
The Worst Foods You Can Eat on the Course 

To be able to play your best game of golf, it is not just about your skill on the course or your ability to think strategically. It is extremely important that you are in good physical health and you are giving your body the proper nutrition that it needs to perform successfully. Since you will be on the course for a decent amount of the day, it is vital that you pack foods that will keep you full, energized and not slow you down. So, while you are quickly packing a bag of foods, be sure to avoid the following: 


  • Cereal. This food is easy to pack and eat on-the-go but is not filled with the type of carbs that you will need to have a good amount of energy on the course. You want to eat carbs that are not simple and that will not cause you to crash over time.
  • Alcohol. It is very common to bring some alcoholic beverages to hang out with friends throughout the duration of the game, but if you are looking to perform your best, stay away from these beverages. Alcohol will dehydrate you and will ultimately slow you down. 
  • Sports drinks. Stay away from drinks that are extremely high in sodium, and focus on drinks that are filled with protein, or just stock up on water! Staying hydrated on the course is extremely important, and you do not want to be consuming any nutrients that will hinder your performance. 
  • Chips and pretzels. Stay away from snacks like chips and pretzels that are high in sugar or offer no true nutritional value. The more sugar you consume on the course, the sleepier and groggier you will feel, which will make it difficult to concentrate on your strategy and game. 


Next time you are packing a bag of snacks for the course, consider foods like peanut butter, eggs, protein bars, bananas or apples, which are full of great, energizing nutrients! 

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