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Planning on Buying New Golf Clubs?

So, you're ready to upgrade your equipment. But, there are some things you should consider before going out to the store. Buying clubs off the rack can be a challenge.…

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Overcome Tricky Downhill Lies

Ah, the dreaded downhill lies. It's one of the toughest golf shots to setup for, let alone hit. The imbalance can make for embarrassing chunks and skulls. Have no fear!…

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Improve Your Bunker Play

Not many golfers are confident in their bunker play. It's intimidating at first, but if you can get the hang of it you can easily chop a few strokes off…

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Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

Since it's the middle of winter, it's the perfect time to improve your golf game before the season begins again in the Spring. Here are a few tips that you…

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